Singles league - Rules
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Singles League Rules
Updated 14March 2015
1. Arranging matches

Charts showing the divisions and players are on the tennis notice board at the club, including the end date and time of the current league. You are responsible for arranging matches against players in your division. You are not compelled to play all your matches, but you get no points for a match not played.

This is a friendly competition. No walk-over may be claimed in any circumstances. Please respond to requests to play even if you cannot play at the time offered.

2. Scoring

Play 2 sets only (tie-break to 7 at 6-6). If the score is 1 set all, play a tie-break to 10 to decide the match. If however both players agree, a 3rd set can be played with a 10 point tie break at 6-6.

Enter the scores in the chart for each set on the winning player’s row. If a deciding tie-break was played, enter the score and “TB”. Enter the score so far for an unfinished match and adjust it later if it is finished.

Points for each match are awarded :

Result                         winner   loser
win in 2 sets                    4        1
1 set all & tie-break         3        2

Unfinished matches :
•unfinished sets do not count,
•1 point for playing and 1 point for each set won,
•e.g. if 1 only set is completed, winner gets 2 and loser 1.

For playing your first match in the first 4 weeks :
1 bonus point, provided the result is entered on the sheet in time.

3. Arranging matches

If you are unable to play for any reason, e.g. injury, inform the organisers and the other players in your division. If you play no matches but wish to play in the next league, you re-enter at 1 division lower. If you play any matches, then the results will determine your final position.

A player who plays no matches without providing a reason is liable to be withdrawn from the league.

If you wish to withdraw from the following league, inform the organisers as soon as possible. Do not just cross out your name on the sheet as we will not know if you are withdrawing for 1 league only or forever.

If you receive a request to play a match, then please respond within 7 days, even if you cannot play. If your opponent does not comply with this guideline, then inform the organisers. A player who consistently fails to comply may be removed from the league.

4. Final league positions

These are based on each player’s points, nothing else.

If 2 players tie on points, then to decide who finishes higher, apply the following rules in order :

1. the result of their match (or a mini league if more than 2 players),
2. the player not receiving a bonus point for playing in the first 4 weeks, if the other did,
3. if they did not play each other, the difference between their matches won and lost,
4. their positions in the previous league,
5. the discretion of the organisers.

If you don't play enough matches each time, then you will inevitably drop down to a division below your own playing level. It is your responsibility to play your matches.

5. Promotion and Relegation

The principle is that 2 stay, 2 go up and 2 go down from each division, but this may not apply where players drop out or others enter. If a player's results show they are in far too low a division, they may go up by 1 extra division.

6. How the new leagues are compiled

6.1 Trial to be used for league ending 12 Apr 2015

2 players will be promoted from each division and 2 relegated, but with the following exceptions :

•It would result in a new division containing more than 7 or less than 5 players,
•The league expands by 1 or more divisions, when fewer players appear to be promoted because their absolute division number has increased, although they will still be placed in a division of their correct standard,
•The league shrinks by 1 or more divisions, when fewer players appear to be relegated because their absolute division number has decreased, although they will still be placed in a division of their correct standard,
•A player is promoted by more than 1 division because of their results in the last league, resulting in 1 extra player being relegated from an intervening division.

6.2 Method used for last few years

•All players are placed in 1 single list, with Premier players at the top in their final positions, then division 1, 2 etc.
•Players whose results justify an extra promotion have their division number reduced by 1.
•New players are added to the list in the division agreed with the organisers.
•Players asking to be removed or played no matches are removed from the list.
•Each player is given a rating based on division and position.
•The whole list of players is sorted by their ratings. The rating is calculated so that the top 2 in each division sort above the bottom 2 in the next higher division.
•The top 6 players in the sorted list automatically go into the Premier division, the next 6 into division 1 etc.
•If the number of players in the league does not divide by 6, then up to 5 divisions will comprise 7 players.
•If the number of divisions increases, it may be that only 1 player goes up and 3 go down or that the top 2 stay, the next 2 go down 1 division and the bottom 2 go down 2. This still ensures that players move to their correct level.